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XLNs Audio XO is a drum sequencer like youve never experienced before. Seriously. This is a must-have plugin to add to your library. Incredibly versatile XO can be operated either within your preferred DAW or as a standalone unit. It makes the process of selecting samples and building complicated rhythms feel almost effortless. Weve all been there. When youre making music you dont want to get “bogged” down scrolling through endless menus and folders just to find the right sample. By the time you have the moments gone and the magics been lost. Straight to the point. XO analyses all your samples automatically removing any duplicates and even suggests similar sounds to help speed up the process! The large range of presets that come with XO are formed from the 8000+ one-shots included. Each and every sound can be changed at an instant to keep the process and the sound of your beats fresh! Please Note: This product comes in the form of a digital download code that will be sent to your email for activation.

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XLN Audio XO XLX001SN300322

XLN Audio XO XLX001SN300322