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An amp for everyone. With the VX15 GT Combo Vox have created an amp thats certain to bring unlimited sonic possibilities into your music. You can emulate classic amps of the past thanks to the VX15s 11 pre-loaded amp models. So whether youre looking to play with a legendary tube amp a rare boutique unit high-gain or anything in between this has got you covered.And theres so much more it can do. Eight different effects including numerous reverb and modulation types allow you to experiment extensively with your guitars sound. A LINE-type model supports both electric and acoustic guitars. A lightweight design means you can take the VX15 anywhere with ease. Theres an on-board tuner. The list goes on. And on. And on. We cant fit everything that this amazing unit does in this little description. Experience its greatness for yourself.

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Vox VX15 GT Combo VX15-GT300322 4959112190962

Vox VX15 GT Combo VX15-GT300322 4959112190962