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Full guitar sound. Anytime anywhere. The Vox SDC-1 Mini packs in the tone and feel of a full sized electric guitar. But in a micro compact model thats completely easy to take with you everywhere. Itll feel like a standard sized guitar – with the same tuning and string tension its got the same sought-after playing action.It doesnt skimp on materials either. Using premium tonewoods such as maple for the neck and purple heart for the fingerboard this instrument has been expertly crafted. But in a mini model suitable for players with smaller hands or simply anyone looking for a portable solution to having their electric guitar with them on-the-go. Compact and with a short scale thats easy to play this is a guitar you can have with you all the time. Play more.

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Vox SDC-1 Mini Black SDC1-BK300322 4959112192089

Vox SDC-1 Mini Black SDC1-BK300322 4959112192089