Vox MINI-GO 10 Portable Modeling Amp VMG-10300322

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Your new partner in crime. The Vox MINI-GO 10 Portable Modelling amp will follow you to the ends of the earth – its insanely portable. Perfect for travelling musicians and buskers it offers a huge array of different amp voicings ranging from a clean boutique model to a raging all-out distortion machine. Theres also the classic AC30 model faithfully emulated by this immensely dynamic amp. But the fun has only just begun. If an array of amps isnt enough youve also got a range of built-in effects to help spice up your riffs. Once youve selected your dream amp and effects its time to bring in the rhythm section. Select from a host of beats including Rock Metal Dance Funk and even Latin. Youll be able to use the built-in vocoder with your mic to turn your riffs into vocal lines. Plus theres a looper for recording and writing riffs. And as if that werent enough each model is tweakable via the control knobs and theres an AUX and headphone input and output. You can power this beauty using either the included AC adapter or your own mobile battery – the buskers dream. The Vox MINI-GO will change your life.

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Vox MINI-GO 10 Portable Modeling Amp VMG-10300322

Vox MINI-GO 10 Portable Modeling Amp VMG-10300322