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Distincitvely vintage. The Vox Bobcat S66 takes players back to the vintage roots of rock n roll – the 1960s. Hosting a trio of slashing S66 single-coils the Bobcat kicks out a beautifully-balanced versatile tone of unique quality. Their ability to alternate between snappy bright tones and rich warm character sets them apart from other semi-hollow guitars. And combined with the tonal depth and resonance of the hollow design your sound will truly shimmer through any mix. Crank up the gain. Because thanks to a spruce centre block players can unleash searing lead tones and crunchy rhythms with minimal feedback. Its weight-relieved too. Meaning you can roam the stage with a feeling of complete weightlessness and freedom. A sleek Indonesian ebony fretboard is layered onto a sculpted mahogany neck delivering maximum playing comfort to the player. Because ultimately you should be in control. Of course the Bobcat is finished off with a myriad of vintage appointments to give it that stunning heritage aesthetic. It wouldnt be a Bobcat without it would it?

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Vox Bobcat S66 Black S66-BK300322 4959112198029

Vox Bobcat S66 Black S66-BK300322 4959112198029