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Perform with dynamics versatility and astounding definition. The Vox AC30 Guitar Headphones offer an exhilarating playing experience. They showcase durable and reliable Audio-Technica closed-air headphone units along with ear pads that can be rotated for convenient storage. A long and sturdy cable can then be pulled out of the right ear pad allowing you to stand and play with immense freedom. Better still the headphone power can be turned off meaning they can be used as a pair of standard headphones. Using a headphone amp circuit based on valve reactor technology the Vox AC30 Headphones produce sound that is sparkling with clarity as close as you can get to the original thing. You can then sculpt your sound to perfection via the easy-to-use controls. Enhance your tone using reverb chorus and delay effects and use the AUX IN jack for playing along to backing tracks. The possibilities are endless and the control is completely in your hands.

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Vox AC30 Guitar Headphones VGH-AC30300322 4959112227996

Vox AC30 Guitar Headphones VGH-AC30300322 4959112227996