Vintage VS6 Reissued Cherry Red VS6300322 5051548010650

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The Vintage VS6 Reissued is striking even from first glance with its twin horn design black finish and more importantly its magnificent sound. From the warmth of tone produced by mahogany to the sustain delivered by the set-in neck you will have a gorgeous resonant undercurrent to build upon with stunning overtones. You can then further enhance every note with the Wilkinson MWVC humbuckers which offer a vintage tone that encompasses shimmering definition and a broad dynamic range perfect for rock and blues. Prepare for fearless fretting and enchanting performances this guitar delivers incredible playability that makes bending strings so much easier. With a smooth lignum rosa fretboard that has a 12″ radius and twenty-two frets your fingertips will have the opportunity to slide as if theyre floating on air aided by great balance across the strings. Crafted in an offset body shape with an angled heel accessing the higher frets is easy allowing you to focus on the important things – perfecting your sublime sound.

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Vintage VS6 Reissued Cherry Red VS6300322 5051548010650

Vintage VS6 Reissued Cherry Red VS6300322 5051548010650