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Distinctively vintage. In every single aspect. The Vintage V6 Icon provides players with all the tone feel and style that defined the original rock n roll era. Equipped with a trio of slashing single-coils a snappy articulate tone lies at your fingertips. Every note you play will twang with the characterful bite thats cherished by generations. And you can trust that your leads will sing with exceptional clarity. This is your most versatile voice. And its gleaming with heritage… Perform with ultimate precision. Because the V6 Icon provides an unrivalled playing experience of maximum comfort. A hard rock maple neck is sculpted into a soft “C” shape allowing for effortless transitions between chord and lead patterns. Want to give your playing that extra hint of flair? A classic tremolo bridge lets you inject some expression into your solos so you can truly get creative with your sound. Topped off with a stunning relic finish for an authentically vintage look the V6 presents an instrument that has history rippling through its core. Its an icon.

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Vintage V6 Icon Ventura Green V6MRVG300322 5051548035950

Vintage V6 Icon Ventura Green V6MRVG300322 5051548035950