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Sleek compact powerful. The Tascam SD-20M Audio Recorder is a real game-changer. It combines a wide range of features with high quality audio transfer. Together these will rejuvenate your approach to making music. At the heart of the solid-state audio recorder lies a pair of premium XLR/jack combo inputs. These allows you to connect your tried-and-tested microphones as well as line-level feeds of instruments such as synths guitars and basses. The inclusion of phantom power also enables you to integrate your favourite condenser microphones into your set-up. “Four track” mode is where the SD-20M gets really interesting. With this youll be able to record a duplicate of your performance at a lower level of volume. This decreases the risk of any distortion ruining those all important takes. Be prepared for anything. The back-up system powered by AA batteries ensures the “tape” never stops rolling even in case of a power-cut. The SD-20M is the perfect choice for permanent installations in schools churches and conferences. Take on any task and achieve exceptional results with the SD-20M.

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Tascam SD-20M Audio Recorder SD-20M300322 4907034125685

Tascam SD-20M Audio Recorder SD-20M300322 4907034125685