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The Tama LCYE Cymbal rod is a high-quality mounting system designed to mount light-weight cymbals . This accessory is designed for use with a multi-clamp (Sold separately). Perfect for any drummer limited on playing space this rod reduces the need for bulky cymbal stands. Stability is one of the main features of this design providing ample support for light weight cymbals such as a splash. Offering an easy alternative to space and transportability obstacles this rod will save you time and effort in setup and storage. For extra security Tama have applied their Quick-Set Cymbal Mate to the LCYE ensuring a quick and easy cymbal application through the press of a button. Perfect for the Gigging drummer and casual drummer alike this device is certain to make playing much easier.

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Tama LCYE Cymbal L-Rod LCYE300322 606559208937

Tama LCYE Cymbal L-Rod LCYE300322 606559208937