PRS 408 Violet #0295225 48M2FNHFN63_B-B4_VI_N #0295225

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The next chapter in the PRS story. Awaiting its status as one of the most iconic instruments in the guitar world. The PRS 408 presents one of the most detailed and dedicated models to ever leave the PRS factory. Equipped with a pair of 408 humbuckers players are gifted with their most versatile tone along with exceptional clarity and articulation. Itll flourish in any genre thanks to a the two coil-tap mini-switches offering even more versatility for your sound. Because this is an instrument crafted to spark your creative potential. Whether youre on stage at home or in the studio you wont want to put the 408 down. Its addictive to play. A sleek mahogany neck is sculpted to fit your natural hand shape meaning you can perform for hours without any discomfort or cramp. Its layered with an ultra-smooth rosewood fretboard letting your fingers glide across its velvety surface for effortless soloing. And if you want to spice up those solos a patented Gen III tremolo design allows you to express each note with true individuality. Classic PRS style is showcased with the iconic bird inlays showcasing their signature quality in this phenomenal design.


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PRS 408 Violet #0295225  48M2FNHFN63_B-B4_VI_N #0295225

PRS 408 Violet #0295225 48M2FNHFN63_B-B4_VI_N #0295225