Danelectro 59X Black DC59XBK

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The Danelectro 59X Black delivers both modern playability and classic aesthetics in one comfortable and high quality electric guitar. The Danelectro 59X is crafted with a semi-hollow body with a centre block which provides the guitar with enhanced resonance and airiness. The body is made from both plywood and composite for an overall balanced tone; and the double cutaway shorthorn ensures that players have easy access to the higher frets. The bolt-on neck is made from maple which enhances the 59Xs tone with bright and snappy characteristics; whilst the rosewood fingerboard brings plenty of soft articulation. The pickups include a lipstick humbucker at the bridge and a single coil at the neck for a projected sound is clean and airy and rings out with plenty of chime. Finally the Danelectro 59X is complete with a sleek Black finish and a contrasting white pickguard.


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Danelectro 59X Black  DC59XBK

Danelectro 59X Black DC59XBK