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The Addictive Trigger is the complete solution for sample reinforcing or replacing your live-recorded drums to instantly produce the sounds of industry professionals. No matter what source you are working within your productions you can instantly transform poorly recorded drums into incredibly professional polished and punchy drums that take your mixes to the next level. Unfortunately it is sometimes necessary to replace or reinforce live recorded drums perhaps the room sound is sub-optimal or the drum shell loses tuning mid-way through a take or there may simply have not been enough time to set up your kit to produce the best results with Addictive Trigger these problems become a thing of the past. At the core of Addictive Trigger is the Audio Fingerprint technology specifically developed for this plug-in it utilises an FFT analysis for unrivalled hit detection accuracy. Regardless of bleed levels or background noise within your audio file Addictive Trigger will correctly detect any drum hit including the softest of ghost notes without any false triggering. Not only that but Addictive Trigger can detect the type of hit in your audio file to accurately playback the correct sample articulation be it a side-stick open-hit or even rim-shot! Loaded with a selection of world-class samples from the award-winning Addictive Drums 2 library and ADpaks theres never been an easier way to unlock the keys to professional sounding drums than with Addictive Trigger. Please Note: This product comes in the form of a digital download code that will be sent to your email for activation.

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Addictive Trigger XLT001SN300322 7350035163014

Addictive Trigger XLT001SN300322 7350035163014